Therapeutic Order

1) Establish the conditions for health: identify and remove disturbing factors and institute a more healthful regimen


2) Stimulate the healing power of nature: the self-healing processes of the mind and body


3) Address weakened or damaged systems or organs: strengthen the immune system, decrease toxicity, normalize inflammatory functions, optimize metabolic functions, balance regulatory systems, enhance regeneration and harmonize with one's life force


4) Correct structural integrity: align the body 


5) Address pathology: use specific natural substances, modalities or interventions


6) Address pathology: use specific pharmacologic or synthetic substances


7) Suppress or surgically remove pathology


The needs of the patient are primary in determining the appropriate approach to therapy. 


Reference: Zeff J, Snyder O. Course syllabus: NM51 71, Naturopathic clinical theory. Seattle: Bastyr University, 1997-2005

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