About us

We are a natural and alternative health center located in the heart of Laguna Beach. We combine modern science with traditional healing methods to provide individualized, patient-centered care.


We offer a range of services including herbal medicine, pharmacology, nutrition & lifestyle counseling, homeopathy and lab services. Our goal is to treat the cause of illness gently and effectively. 

Meet us before booking 

Feel free to call or come in for a visit so that you can meet our practitioner and better understand how we can support your health goals.


What to expect

Initial visits take between 60 and 90 minutes. During this time, we will discuss your goals, get to know you and the issues you want to address, discuss your options, and come up with an individualized treatment plan. The frequency of follow up visits will depend on individual needs, goals, and treatment approach.

Health Insurance

Many private health insurance plans offer partial or full reimbursement for Alternative Health care services. Please contact your health insurance provider to find out what your options are. We provide appropriate billing so that clients can submit their own claims.

To request an appointment, please call (949) 892-9852

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Natural, individualized & comprehensive approach to health care.

Element Health

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